Sausages: Currently all our sausage products are $6.00 per pound. Packages are approximately one pound in size and are priced on the scale at the time of purchase.

Cheeses: Currently all our cheeses are $10.00 per pound and are packaged in approximately 8 oz. packages. They are also weighed at the time of purchase.

Snack sticks: Currently all snack sticks are priced at $1.00 each. No discounts, once you have tried one you will understand!
“Quality meats cost more.”

Condiments: Mustard and Ketchup will now be packaged in 8 ounce canning jars. They will be $6.00 ea. for the first container and $5.00 for the next, provided you return the jar with the lid ring.

*We will sterilize the containers and use a new lid when filling and vacuum sealing them.